Thanks for visiting Meals With Michee.

I’m Michee (short for Michelle) and I love all things food! Whether you are Plant Based or not, I believe you can still experience the comfort foods you grew up with, but with a healthier spin.

I grew up in a Filipino American household in Southern California. So my creations are inspired by the food and culture that was around me.

From a young age I was in front of the stove making after school snacks for my friends and younger siblings. Mimi, my beautiful, hard-working mother, would often have me start dinner for the family – that is if I remembered to defrost the ground beef. As time went on I got more interested in cooking. I read magazines and cookbooks. That’s all we had in the 80’s. I’d say my mom definitely inspired me to always prepare home cooked meals for your loved ones.

Another inspiration (actually a legend) was my husband’s grandmother, Lola Conching. She gave me one on one, hands on instructions on how to make the best Filipino food. No recipes were available or even required, just decades of experience passed down to me. How lucky was I?

So here I am. I’ve gone to cooking school and watched thousands of hours of food content. I’ve been married for almost 20 years. We are child free by choice. Living a long, simple and healthy life is our goal. We have always exercised and eaten healthy, but could we do better?

In 2019 we watched Game Changers, and we decided to try a Plant Based diet for one month. It’s now been almost 3 years and it is easier and way more fun than we expected. I’ve been able to turn all of the meals from my past into healthier cruelty free versions.

I hope this plant forward blog inspires or informs you in some way. I believe it isn’t necessary to achieve perfection. Try a Meatless Monday, or an amazing plant-based burger at your favorite restaurant. If we all make slight improvements, the world will be impacted- POSITIVELY!